Was born on March 19, 1985 in the city of Tolyatti of the Samara region. Since the childhood started to draw, bringing together round itself the bewitched children. Has many nurseries and youthful awards. 

Since 2007 professionally is engaged in painting.« … All pictures written by me, were reflection of my life, my feelings, experiences. I derive inspiration from everything that me surrounds, images and are born in my head. I need to transfer only them on a canvas …»

In 2011 organized one of the largest exhibitions in the city in circular gallery to the main trading and entertaining platform. It was received about one thousand responses. The event is celebrated by information portals as important.

Now Kirdyanov Denis travels across Russia much, a favourite place is St. Petersburg.« … I don't constrain myself a hometown framework, I want to show a part of and to other people …»

Now his pictures decorate walls native, relatives, friends, inhabitants of Russia. Demand grows, collectors and gallery owners of Europe and America became interested in his creativity.

And it only began.